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Candidates for Congress are confused

January 28, 2020

To the Editor:

After viewing the TV ads for Church and Tiffany, I question whether they understand the position for which they are campaigning. They both tout how they are going to Washington to support and help the President. Gentlemen, you are actually going there to represent the people of the congressional district, all the people, not just those who vote for you. If our best interests, not to be confused with the personal best interests of the Representative or his/her political party, happen to coincide with those being proposed by the President, great, if not I would expect our representative to not just follow along like cattle headed for the barn, but stand up for us. My vote is going to a candidate that knows he/she is representing us, that our best interests do not necessarily coincide with those of a particular political party to the exclusion of doing what’s best for us. Hopefully, it will be someone who can work across political lines for the betterment of all Americans. Enough with the bullying, we’re in power and it’s our way or the highway, and name calling. I want my representative to be one of the adults in the room, don’t you?

Duane Harpster

Boulder Junction




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