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‘Capitalism made this country’

October 01, 2019

To the Editor:

A letter to all far Left ultra liberals vying for the Dem. president nomination:

You lousy liberals for many, many years have wanted nothing less than pure socialism for the US of A. Won’t work — can’t work — don’t work!

The large number of libs seeking the top spot are mostly goofballs. Cortez — a complete nutcase as are the voters who put her in office. Warren — the Martha Raye of the 21th Century (all mouth), etc.

All these people tug at the heart strings of the American public, re. the plight of illegals children. Sure they need help — but they are not (nor should they be) the problem of American taxpayers. No mention from you clowns re. American children who may well number in hundreds of thousands — maybe millions who need help. I believe charity begins at home. We are not the keeper of all the world’s problems.

Super Libs want to raise taxes on the wealthy — who already pay most of the taxes. Capitalism made this country great. Let it continue.

Robert Patterson

Manitowish Water



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