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‘Choose freedom and the right to choose’

December 20, 2019

To the Editor:

With absolutely no impeachable evidence against Trump, spineless Schiff and gutless Nadler, with puppet strings being yanked by Nancy Pelosi, plunge ahead every day with the greatest farce ever in the history of our Congress. Pelosi said, when she made the announcement for the impeachment inquiry, it was with “a heavy heart.” Right. She also said that she is a Christian and doesn’t hate anyone. Really? Her hatred for Trump is pretty obvious right now, and there is no denying that. This is an all-consuming hatred, tearing our country to pieces, as only the Democrats can do. Partisan politics as always.

If Trump can be impeached for making foreign policy, that all the other presidents before him can also be impeached. That is what presidents do. But left with little else, the Democrats had tried all their dirty tricks and despicable accusation, and none had worked. So, on to “abuse of power.” Who is really abusing their power? The Democrats of course. Contempt of Congress? Most of us have contempt for Congress, particularly the House, with good reason. What the Democrats are doing is setting a reckless and dangerous precedent in Congress, causing even more division among the citizens of America. But their lust for power knows no limits.

Ever since this all began, many knew that the Obama administration was in on this from the start, enlisting crooked Comey, criminal Clintons, and the rest. When they realized Trump would still be president, they invented the Russian/Trump hoax, and they were off and running. None of their false charges went anywhere, even though they ignored due process and the proper handling of an impeachment. Even a journalist from FOX News was not safe from these people in their quest for power, power they lost when Queen Hillary was defeated. Dogmatic, bizarre behavior from the Dems, bordering on psychosis.

Attorney Giuliana ... “Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi have trashed the U.S. Constitution, and are enabled by a fawning press ... They have violated every conceivable due process right and conducted ‘secret’ meetings ...”

Those of us who support Trump have another chance to do that. The choice is clear ... democracy and freedom, or socialism and government control of our lives. I choose freedom and the right to choose.

Robert Orgeman




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