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December 20, 2019

To the Editor:

This is a time to self evaluate the direction of our focus. We have just celebrated a holiday to give thanks and now we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Already my home is cluttered with the preparation and business to support a celebration of the holiday. How ever I feel that it’s misdirected. The focus is a minimal attention to the birth of Jesus. At times I think we similarly go through the year and are distracted by the protection and support of the family. Then we find a minimal amount of time for self entertainment. I include myself in the business of walking this path but it lessens with age. I think that business feeds our action to not take action to protest the present mistreatment of immigrants and their children at the border, the concept that all men and women are not created equal and that wrongful intent to due harm and lying is tolerated. That we can cut medical care, food, and nutrition assistance from the less fortunate. Where is the American Evangelical movement?  I hear no one shouting from the top of the mountain. Is the gospel being ignored or personally diluted? Why is this important to me? For 32 years in law enforcement I worked and gave service to do my best to deal with the frailties and errors of mankind. Over time this opened my eyes to the importance and reality of the true celebration of this holiday. I yearn for the goodness of mankind. In prospective I’m reminded of the “What Would Jesus Do” bracelets that adorned many wrists in the past. Through my years I found that Jesus was the only true solution and guide for mankind. He made no two humans genetically the same so therefore I’m not one of those. I’m simply me.

Thank you.

God bless you and your family during this joyous holiday.

Craig Strid




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