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June 23, 2020

To the Editor:

It appears that our new Congressional representative is now also a scientist and medical doctor, must be a D.C. thing, politicians all seem to think they know it all when it comes to what medicine will cure the virus and whether you need to wear a mask to protect others. Tom Tiffany has been in Washington 10 minutes and already he is trying to take decisions relating to our children’s health and welfare away from local control and putting it in the hands of the federal government. When schools should open had to be in the hands of the respective schools. Interestingly, when he was here, Tiffany railed against Governor Evers for not allowing counties and cities to determine the response to the virus, and now that he is in D.C. he wants to force schools to open by specific dates, and wants to hold delivery of funding over their heads so they comply. Make up your mind already, you can’t have it both ways. Oh yes, I forgot, Tiffany has a record of removing local controls, doesn’t he. He states that the virus has minimal effect on children, and the scientific data supports his position. It may not be deadly to all children, but it has certainly been very hard on some. Let’s err on the safe side for the kids’ sake.

Of course, this could be just another “look at me” moment, or “see, I’m working hard for you” moment. Come on Tom, let the folks with boots on the ground decide what is safe for the children. A true conservative is not for big government, maybe he’s a very liberal conservative.

Duane Harpster

Boulder Junction



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