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Don’t mess with the fest

April 17, 2020

To the Editor:

An open letter to the Minocqua Chamber of Commerce:

Had I not witnessed it (the operative word being “not”), I would never have believed that there would be a 2019 Beef-A-Rama without a parade! What planet are you on? Are you trying to p--- off the attendees? Apparently so, since you jacked up the ridiculous charge to $5 to ride a school bus! Are you not familiar with the expression, “If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it”? Well guess what ... you broke it and now you must fix it or kiss that golden egg goodbye!

I love Beef-A-Rama, but last year’s kinda stank ... so many people were angry. You must cater to your market. So, the health department decided that after all these years, it is unsanitary to march roast beef down the street. I personally find that difficult to believe and simple do not care: however, if the probably now defunct parade committee had a creative bone in its collective body, a solution could have been reached! Put the chefs on a flat bed. Have them march down the road, beefless and wave. Have them ride in convertibles. Do something ... think outside the box! How about offering high school band members an afternoon off it they march and play in the parade? In years past, the judges rode atop a fire engine ... let me guess. That would be a threat to public safety. Sorry, not buyin’ it. Do a couple of fundraisers and use the proceeds as prizes for best float. I should have known something was amiss when I left a message for the “woman in charge of the parade” not ... and she never bothered to return my call. I had met the Wienermobile people at the event here in Milwaukee and they said they would love to return to the fest and be in the parade as they did several years ago, when there actually was a parade! How about a kids’ bike decorating competition where the little ones ride their bikes in the parade, or would the health department find fault with that? You people are nuts! You have this great economic and public relations opportunity for your city and you are on the verge of ruining it. Maybe it’s time for some new perspective.

Sincerely hoping it’s better this year.

Esme Ehr

Elm Grove

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