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Economic collapse

May 19, 2020

To the Editor:

When my buddies and I grew up in the 50s, baseball was the center of our universe.

There were National league fans and American league fans. We were mostly National League fans for some reason. Likewise, in my neighborhood there were Democrats and Republicans. There really wasn’t much difference, my dad told me. Everyone was an American and pretty much had the same love for the concept of our way of life. My dad and mom and all of their friends had survived the war and they were grateful to be in America.

Not until I was in college, did I become aware of the racial policies of southern Democrats and the Jim Crow laws that divided blacks from whites. The birth of the Ku Klux Klan during the reconstruction era (1863-1877) became the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party and responsible for the subjugation and misery of millions of southern blacks. The social upheavals of the 60s and the antiwar movement served as the covering storm for Democrats to change their stripes.   Magically, following the 1968 Democratic convention, the Democratic Party repainted itself as champions of racial equality. It was marketing genius.

In truth, the Democratic Party had been quite schizoid since President Wilson. On the one hand, Wilson was a virulent racist, on the other, a progressive statist. Democrats throughout the 20s and 30s had developed a glassy eyed love affair with Stalin and the wonders of the progressive, workers’ paradise. They willfully ignored the deaths of tens of millions of Ukrainians through the purges and collectivization. Simultaneously, the southern wing of the party was busy policing “whites only” lunch counters, lynching, and restricting voting to whites only. All of this has been erased from the public consciousness. Government schools have done their job. Today’s Democrat voter has no concept of this history and instead sees the Democrat party as the ultimate symbol of caring and fairness. Who could argue with caring and fairness? Socialists have used this politically addictive narcotic since the Russian revolution.

As Bolsheviks tore at the flanks of the fledgling Russian government in 1917, so now our Democrats resist the return of our economy. The virus has given them a powerful ally to bring the American economy to its knees and with that a perfect opportunity to regain control.

Any suggestion to reopen is too risky. Believe the experts. Believe the scientists, stay safe. It is Trump’s fault. We need more ventilators, masks, testing. We need to bail out the states, especially the Blue states.  

There are many reasons not to vote for any Democrat but the two most important are: 1. Proposals to bail out the unfunded pension liabilities of pariah states like Illinois and 2. Resistance to tort reform. In Illinois, for example, the unfunded pension liabilities total $240 billion, all accumulated prior to the bat flu. House Democrats would have the taxpayers in states like ours make up for decades of criminal malfeasance by other states’ politicians.

Profoundly more sinister though is the evil heart of Democrat politics. Trial lawyers have already filed hundreds of law suits holding businesses accountable for the coronavirus. What business or college or university will ever open knowing that it might be blamed for someone’s infection? Yet, Democrats will not permit this reform. This is the coup de grace upon our children’s future. Economic activity will grind to a halt and bankruptcy will be the only option. Resistance to liability reform will be the final and fatal economic pandemic.

Unlike baseball, unlike a fan’s preference for the Dodgers or Yankees, our votes are consequential. When a political party’s purpose is to disable the U.S. economy, this party must be defeated.  The danger of Covid -19 may eventually subside but economic collapse and tyranny will not. No moral creature should be an advocate for this.

John Tegtmeier

Lac du Flambeau



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