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February 18, 2020

To the Editor:
I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for elections to be over. It seems like it has been non-stop forever.
Everyone wants your vote and no one does anything. They talk and talk period.
Our last “big” election this “nurse” appeared from some place and tore Tammy Baldwin apart in her campaign ads. Well thank goodness she lost and guess what she again disappeared. Tammy Baldwin has managed to do so much for the state and its people. She is one of the best our state has.
Now with Duffy gone — what did (sic)? One thing did he do? We all know he had eight children (now nine) other than that what did he do in nine years? Now Tiffany wants his job, why? He has always been the guy on the fence. Whoever is in front of him, that’s the side he is on. Tiffany has been around for seven years and he’s a dam man which means what? He helped with a timber bill? Well if the roads are not fixed the timber will stay in the woods. Oh, maybe he can float timber down his dam, he is the dam man. I forgot.
Now this Jason Church appears from no place (maybe from where the nurse came from) all ready to fix everything. 
Both Tiffany and Church say they want to help Trump, what does that have to do with northern or any part of Wisconsin? Wisconsin needs help here.
Wisconsin is America’s Dairyland. Yet 551 dairy farms closed in 2019.
The northern part of the state is losing business, people, jobs, roads, bridges, farms, water supply.
It started as a trickle and now it's a flowing wound. Something is very wrong. We had an impeachment (sic) hearing going on. This is serious for us as a country. The senators representing our states are shameful. They were observed passing notes, sleeping, doing crosswords, using fidget spinners. What is this a joke — sad to say these are elected senators. Many have been senators for 25-33-41-45 years — 36 are over 70. Why? This is a disgrace.
We do not need to send anyone to Washington to help Trump. We need elected people here to help the great state of Wisconsin.
Start working together to help one another. Tiffany, Church fix Wisconsin. Tell me what you are doing here.
PS: Try working with Tammy Baldwin, she can teach you a lot.

Virginia Hindman



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