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Freedom vs. power and control

April 24, 2020

To the Editor:

You cannot have extreme freedom and/or extreme power and control. Common sense says there is a flexible point somewhere between the two. The problem is the common sense thing in the middle.

People are just being stupid or contrarian or obstinate or power hungry or whatever. Obviously, some of these governors are getting a little carried away and flexing their official political muscle to show their power. You are a governor, grow up, you do not have to issue all these stupid rules.

A governor saying you cannot buy seeds for a garden! You cannot buy an American flag or a car seat for a child! And, do not wave to an older person in a nursing home through the window and talk to them on the phone while you wave at them. How stupid can you get? (I hope they do not take that as a challenge.)

During this crisis (?) there needs to be some rules or suggestions for people to follow. Common sense rules to be more specific. 

I understand avoiding crowds, but arresting someone on a paddle board 50-plus yards from anyone! I also do not understand closing golf courses and like activities. You get the idea, use a little common sense.

On the flip side of the coin is the freedom to do as you want. Obviously, you have the right to stand as close to a fire as you want. But standing too close can create a problem. The same as standing too close during this virus thing can create a problem.

So, you should be able to play golf. But, common sense during this crisis says you do not finish your golf and 20 or so people gather at the clubhouse for drinks and BS afterwards.

You have these stupid people that want their absolute freedom and stupid politicians making excessive rules to control people. Anyone with common sense can see the problem. People on each end of this spectrum could use more common sense.

The average person does not need these excessive rules and likewise the average person does not need someone jeopardizing their security by someone wanting to exercise their excessive freedom on them. Unfortunately, one half of all people or groups for whatever reason are less than average and would do things without using common sense and they need specific rules.

You cannot give out or buy common sense. It cannot be assigned to a person or given from one person to another. 

Getting a better education would help but, our current indoctrination system only benefits those seeking power. It is that socialist idea, keep the people uneducated, they are easier to control. And so, the cycle continues.

Somewhere this last week I read a short article that our education system (some stupid teacher) wants to get kids back in school before they realize they can think for themselves. (?) Think about that for a while.

Rick Holman




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