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Geese of Minocqua

June 26, 2020

To the Editor:

I have been asked to write this letter by several people who share my concern about the mistreatment and safety of the Canada geese on Minocqua Lake.

Last Sunday I started posting on Facebook about witnessing the flock being chased and run down by a boat near the beginning of the Bearskin trail.

I think the goal was to chase them away from the resort nearby. I am unsure who drove the boat.

The flock of about 30, with babies, were very distressed. This situation was very upsetting, but it’s not the worst part.

Every year, the geese are corralled, whether it be at Torpy Park, or the shores of the resort near the Bearskin trail, captured and destroyed.


Because they are a nuisance.

They are noisy.

They are messy.

They are invasive to the area.

Hmm ...

Sounds more like people.

These beautiful creatures have every right to be here, unharmed.


I’m writing this to raise awareness.

To ask for help and support to save them.

I am outraged, as are so many others.

The response to my Facebook posts have been overwhelming, and I appreciate the outpouring of care and concern and offers to help.

Let’s try and come up with an alternative plan so that these beautiful birds can be saved!

Missy Herrick




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