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‘Great courage’ from Tricia Zunker

October 22, 2019

To the Editor:

Tricia Zunker made her media announcement on Monday, Oct. 14, for her bid for the empty Congressional 7th District seat. She chose to make it at The Dells of Eau Claire, in Easton, just east of Wausau.

There, at the hilltop overlooking two powerful masses of waters that have eroded large rocks over the years, and have made huge stone cliffs surrounding the waters, I was told by her family, that Tricia, in her childhood would play on those treacherous cliffs and jump into the swirling waters 20 feet below. It must have taken great courage to jump into those waters and now she is jumping into the world of treacherous politics. Same courage. Same joy.

A. Jane Schrameyer




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