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‘Great paper’

May 05, 2020

To the Editor:

I was traveling to Park Falls working on our house there, and as I usually do, picked up all the local newspapers, including The Lakeland Times (April 24 edition).

What a pleasure it was reading and what good writing! Thank you. You are the cream of the crop.

Your features on Gabe Chavez, “How I Became a Packers Fan,” and the touching stories about Jacob Friede, and the movie review of the movie “Clue” (I watched it again last night) were all top-notch writing. And the pictures of newly arrived kingfishers, bluebirds, and barred owls were strong connections to the outdoors. I even liked some of your creative and informative ads.

And your articles on COVID-19, reopening, leaders, food for thought and your editorials had original research, unique perspectives, and well written. I had never thought about the local food aspect, by (Kim) Drake, and the kowtowing to China. Your reporting by (Richard) Moore on the risk, and lack thereof, of transmission by outdoor activities gathered relevant research that is critical, particularly to our rural environments, but that I’ve seen nowhere else. Your editorial was hard hitting, straight forward, but yet avoided much of the lackey partisan overtones.

You prove that the best reporting is being done by small town papers. Thank you for your great paper, I will be subscribing.

Art Johnston




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