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‘He will not represent us’

May 08, 2020

To the Editor:

Around 20 years ago we had a proposal by Exxon Minerals to pump waste water 26 miles from their mine in Mole Lake to the Wisconsin River at Hat Rapids.

When the people in the town of Crescent and downstream asked, what can we do to stop it?, our town chairman, and county board member said, what can we do? I.E. it’s going in. People asked me to run for town chair, and I did and won — some of us wanted to be informed and know how to do this job. We attended towns association training — one of the things we learned was: in regards to conflicts of interest, if it appears as though there could be a conflict of interest, there is one. As a public representative, you can accept nothing of value or you no longer represent the majority fairly. If you accept funds for your campaign you now represent the company — instead of the people — we put it to a vote at an annual meeting, this is a time when the people have a binding voice. The vote was 34 against the pipeline, five in favor, kind of like the recent 63% vote against mining in the wetlands of the Willow Flowage. Now our county board chairman is a former Exxon employee: Did your county board vote to make him chairman? Vote them all out — they don’t represent us!

Senator Tiffany has been pushing mining interests, all along, check how much money he has gotten over the years to represent corporate interests: He will not represent us in Washington either. Why would board members change zoning to allow metallic mining in general use? After 63% said no? They are not representing us. There has never been a sulfide mine anywhere that didn’t pollute. When the DNR pulled their monitors at Hat Rapids so there would be no background info on the quality of the water before the pipeline came in. We realize they could not be counted on to protect us — they were being paid over $1 million a year to “study” the situation by the mining company. Conflict of interest?

Upon pressing a fishery specialist on info about what was toxic to one species of fish — native brook trout one part per million of copper spells death. Quick, let’s put a mine in a wetland next to the Wolf River! Remember the Exxon Valdez, they still haven’t paid their fines on that one.

I really wanted to tone this down, but those days are past.

PS: People used to be shamed and disgraced by doing things like this. Instead good people trying to represent the people are driven out by moneyed interests.

Jeff Kuczmarski

Former town chair of the 

Town of Crescent



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