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July 24, 2020

To the Editor:

Over the 4th of July I watched a video of young people not knowing why the 4th of July was a holiday. I would expect everyone locally to know about our Independence Day. 

If someone does not know history, I think I feel sorry for them. But then again, when many colleges and other schools are given millions and millions of dollars from China, I begin to wonder. It is not hard to realize it would then be easy to pirate technology from colleges when China has access to the colleges. China appears to also dictate some of what is taught (or not taught) at these colleges. And I would expect like any true communist they remove parts of history, that make communism look bad.

The Bible is the book of the good in the world. This book was reverse engineered so-to-speak to produce the evil we see today. As communist will do, they want to eliminate Christianity. With no Christianity and no history of religion the evil in the world will be our new standard. 

History during past medical crisis has showed us that quarantine of the affected people helps to stop the spread of diseases. By restricting the unaffected people guarantees the medical problem can spread. It is not a difficult thing to understand. Unless of course you were never taught these things in history. Communists, besides not wanting history or Christians, also believe in population control. And what better way to control the population than with a virus (and the affected people continue to travel).

Currently we are seeing a small anti-freedom (communist) group control people. Like the video of the “BLM” protesters and the protesters are all white! History should tell us the Blacks should be more involved with helping the Blacks, not destroying their own things. Unless the good Blacks want nothing to do with this personal destruction and BLM.

“Independent research,” research, with no financial or political gain, shows free Native Americans do not have a problem with names like Washington Redskins or Kansas City Chiefs etc. But there is a small group that wants change. Again, they want to remove the history of the Native Americans. I see locally Native Americans working to preserve their history and heritage. I would think if I was Native American, I would want everyone to know and understand their history and heritage. Keep these names and images in front of people.

I begin to wonder if the same anti-freedom, non-black BLM protesters not supported by the Black community are also the same anti-freedom, non-Native Americans not supported by the Native American community.

Besides losing your history and heritage the communists take your land. That goes for all people except the elite people in control. It is that, all government control thing they have!

Without the history of communism, you are no longer aware of the evil created. For those of you that were never taught or may have forgot, communism is government control. People will have no rights, no property, no money, etc. Even the protesters will not be allowed to protest. When you research this information, you will see socialists, progressives, New World Order, globalists, all fall under the category of government control. Changing the name of communism does not change their agenda for government control.

I do feel sorry for the people that do not know history. But then again, if you do not want to know history, you are choosing to remain ignorant by your own choice. I cannot help you.

Rick Holman




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