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Honesty and journalism

November 12, 2019

To the Editor:

Everybody wants a story. Make it sensational. Make it news. The bigger the lie the more believable according to World War II Nazis. They fed the public the same BS as in todays media. 

If you ever check the news very early in the morning there are many news articles by young journalists trying to get the big story of the day. When the big-name journalists wake up and review all the early articles the censorship begins. You would be surprised what is removed from the public’s view by 7 a.m.

Even the more well-known writers fudge the information. Take John Stossel’s opinion “Ending Wars” (published in the Nov. 1 edition of The Lakeland Times). His “The current deficit is a record $984 billion, ...” comment did not look right to me.

The following is information by Kimberly Amedeo’s article. This can be found at www.thebalance.com/usdeficitbyyear.

Obama took office Jan 20, 2009. The deficit by year starting his first term was as follows (the numbers in billions), 2009 = $1,413, 2010 = $1,294, 2011 = 1,300, 2012 = 1,087. That is thousands of billions or trillions of dollars. The record being the year with 1.413 trillion.

Trump took office Jan. 20, 2017. The deficit by year starting his first term is as follows (the numbers in billions), 2017 = $665, 2018 (est) = $779, 2019 (est) = 1,091.

Mr. Stossel’s number might be close, but it is by no means a record. Actually, President Trump has a bigly amount to spend to even try to catch up to Obama’s numbers.

And that, is my “opinion.”

Rick Holman




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