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How to use power

June 26, 2020

To the Editor:

My grandma said “Give a boy a toy, and sooner or later, he will play with it.” Turns out the same is true with power. The questions is, how will the person with power use it? Perhaps to further their own standing; perhaps to scare someone else; perhaps for the benefit of a small group at the expense of others; or hopefully for the good of all those who they represent. It didn’t take long for Tom Tiffany, our newly elected Congressman, to use the power we have given him. From public radio and other sources we learn that “His new bill would block federal funding from schools that don’t reopen to in-person classes by Sep. 8. It’s the first bill Tiffany has proposed since being sworn into Congress last month.” Knowing that the bill has little, if any chance of making it out of the House of Representatives, why would the Congressman offer up such a bill? Rather than offering up a bill that would take scarce funds away from his District, I wonder why he didn’t offer up a bill that would help the many small businesses across his District that are hanging on by a thread? There must be 50 ways to help a business.

Jim Leschke




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