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‘If you say so’

May 08, 2020

To the Editor:

Who wants mining in the Northwoods?

Not the voters of last November’s referendum to ban mining in Lynne Township. The majority said no to mining.

The real leaders of the mining gang are certain Oneida County board members who have had closed sessions when voting on mining resolutions. Or like the meeting of the Planning and Development Committee on April 22, when they voted to allow the Badger Minerals to exploration mining in Schoepke Township. Then, after the vote, the clerk, in a monotone voice, read of the names of 60 emails that said no to sulfide mining. These are the five members of the committee, Scott Holewinski, the leader of the band, Mike Timmons, Ted Cushing, Jack Sorensen, and Billy Fried.

Some of the other members of the Oneida County Board have been intimidated by the threat of lawsuits to the county if they didn’t allow mining, in reference to the Wisconsin Law 134 which Tom Tiffany helped write. This law opened the sluice gates to mining in Wisconsin by throwing out the Mining Moratorium Law. But counties, like Langlade, have slowed mining by writing resolutions that can curb mining. This could have happened here, but your Oneida County Board refused to act to safeguard our county. Because of Tiffany’s law, the townships were told by Karl Jennrich that they had no choice. They could be sued because the law curbs the counties of superseding all State laws. 

How ever the good news if you don’t want mining in your township, pressure the leaders to stop mining, right here, right now, like the township of Lynne.

The township of Nashville. In the Crandon mine era had leaders that voted behind the back of the people of the town, who didnt want mining. So the people kicked out the Township officers, and had a special election to get in new officers. It happened. I watched them count the votes.

You are the boss, if you say so.

Jane Schrameyer




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