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Impeachment ironies

January 24, 2020

To the Editor:

The House of Representatives has successfully impeached the President and stands ready to convince the Senate that Donald John Trump should be removed from office. He is accused of abusing his power by delaying military aid to the Ukraine. This delay was to be used as leverage to force the Ukraine to investigate the Biden family or as Rep. Adam Schiff asserted, “to dig up dirt” on Joe Biden. Public statements by Vice President Biden regarding Ukraine and influence in their government affairs are willfully ignored by mainstream Democrat outlets. Ethical questions are never asked. Conversely, efforts by the previous administration’s apparatchiks to investigate, malign, indict, resist and finally impeach have finally found purchase in the halting prose of the Speaker of the House.   

It is striking though that the constituents of the progressive statist left are seemingly immune from noticing the irony of this moment. Some of us, non-lawyer, deplorable types, actually paid attention in English class, (between cat naps). Those of us with a dictionary and a constitution may realize that the impeachment articles don’t exactly line up with the vocabulary used in 1789. No codified crime is listed. This in itself presents an irony, but there are others.

The Democratic Party, since Wilson anyway, has made its “Raison d’etre” (French-purpose for existence) a not-so-slow march from our founding principles. To Democrat progressives, the principles and truths that were true at our founding are not necessarily true now. Democrat Presidents have consistently appointed judges who blatantly ignore the words of the constitution. Progressives reason that slave holding by the constitution’s authors renders the document void. The Speaker of the House, the chief of progressives, upon signing the Articles of impeachment, conjured the spirit of Washington, giving weight and solemnity to the occasion. Ahh, the founding fathers, we are to respect and revere their memory at least and until, we rid ourselves of the orange man in the oval office. 

The final two ironies involve the actions of our progressives in government. The last 75 years reveal consistent resistance to Republican efforts to oppose Soviet/Russian aggression. More recently the Obama administration refused to supply weapons to Ukraine. Not until Trump, were they given the means to defend themselves. The Democrats have miraculously found new enthusiasm for military aid to Ukraine. Depriving Ukraine of military aid to resist Putin is now a high crime. For Obama it was just fine. Can liberal State department officials so concerned for Ukraine’s military strength imagine outcomes with a Democrat president?  

We plebs, we deplorables, read the impeachment articles and scratch our heads in dismay. To our simplified minds, “Abuse of Power” and “Obstruction of Congress” seem different than the words in Article 2. These dusty and ancient words — treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors — don’t seem synonymous with the impeachment articles. No U.S. code has been written to forbid either subjective condition of “Abuse of Power” or “Obstruction of Congress." To a progressive, history is malleable and new crimes can be defined by new words that sound quite grand. Traditional meanings of things, objects, adjectives and actions have long been abandoned. Social progress “Trumps” all notions of rigor in the definition of what is. Pardon the pun.

John Tegtmeier

Lac du Flambeau




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