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It’s not just me!

May 15, 2020

To the Editor:

I’m writing this email at 7:45 p.m. on Tuesday, May 12. The polls are still open, but my vote was cast this morning, and I hope yours was also. I am a republican, but today, I voted against Tom Tiffany. And in reading today’s Lakeland Times, I hope a few other republican and non-committed neighbors did the same.

A little history.

Gregg Walker has previously refered to me, and others in the Town Of Lynne (where a sulfide mineral deposit exists with potential financial opportunity, and significant environmental risks exists) as “obstructionists” when it comes to opposing sulfide mining in Oneida County. Does everyone think we were “Crying Wolf” in the Town of Lynne in 2018 when we sought a referendum to stop any consideration of mining here? It doesn’t seem so! Just take a moment and read your editorial pieces in today’s (May 12, 2020) Lakeland Times edition. Recently, there is new excitement about the potential of sulfide mining in the Town Of Schoepke, or as I call it, the Pelican Lake area in eastern Oneida County. Seems like there is substantial concern about the potential risks to the water, air and land environment, now that a mining firm wants to take a look at the potential of sulfide mining there. 

I asked to speak about the then proposed consideration of sulfide mining in the Town Of Lynne at the Town Of Schoepke monthly board meeting in October of 2018, and was granted the opportunity. There was some genuine interest in my presentation by some residents who were aware of the potential for mining in their neighborhood. Now it's getting closer! Please pay attention to the upcoming developments.

I’m upset! I believe this could easily become our next local pandemic!

It’s hard for me to keep a focus on what I am most upset about. Probably, my number one issue is the fact that after our efforts to bring the Lynne Deposit vulnerability of huge environmental risks to the understanding of 63% of the Oneida County voters, as a result of the Nov. 6, 2018 referendum, the Oneida County Board has not done a single thing to Protect The Willow, as you asked them to, by virtue of an ordinance or position statement supporting the voters position! Since the referendum, most voters I have spoken to thought this issue was resolved and mining was no longer going to be allowed. Not a chance! You really should be upset as well! You voted, they did nothing!

Now, a short time later, we are going down the same road in the Town Of Schoepke. Let the mining company, with support of Jack Sorenson, Dave Hintz and Scott Holewinski (and possibly Bob Mott??) try to convince anyone who will listen, that sulfide mining is as safe and as “justified of a use” as growing trees in the Oneida County Forest! Nothing but good news ... more jobs, more money, and everyone wins! Possible big financial gains! But please, don't let the science or history of past mining failures get in the way.

Back to the start. If Tom Tiffany doesn’t win tonight, I will be surprised. I will not be happy, but my parents always said “my happiness was not the most important thing.” Trying to help others understand your position, right or wrong, is important. It’s not critical, but it’s important. 

If Tom Tiffany goes to Washington, keep an eye on him, and his political interests. Even in a pandemic, things can get worse! 

Jeff Brown


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