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It’s really all about the election

July 17, 2020

To the Editor:

Mr. Walker and Mr. Moore just crawled on the bandwagon with Trump, Tiffany and others, touting the necessity for children going back to school. A thinly veiled concern about the kid’s needing to have live teaching, but it is really about the economy, isn’t it? Come on be honest. Certainly kids are less likely to have bad complications from the virus, but they are not immune to it with some tragic results. Remember, there are a lot of people involved in the education process beyond the kids, including bus drivers, custodians, the folks preparing meals, and of course, teachers, none of which have that resistance. How you can all demand schools reopen as if there are no health concerns amazes me. You cite other countries school plans, all the while ignoring the success they have had dealing with the pandemic versus the wreck our country is seeing. It seems all the medical professionals in the world are wrong and a politician is right, at least that seems to be our President’s position. He says it’s all a lie, to keep him from being reelected, really? Tell that to the families that have lost loved ones, those fortunate victims that have been saved by the medical community. It seems that it is no big thing to those that haven’t been personally impacted, where is the empathy for the victims and their families? It is past time to let the educators find a safe way to do what they have dedicated their lives to do, to teach our young people. I heard many times from my parents’ generation “If you haven’t got your health, nothing else matters,” I think that still applies today. When the robber said “your money or your life,” Jack Benny said, “I’m thinking,” that was funny, what’s happening to people in the U.S. isn’t.

Duane Harpster

Boulder Junction



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