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‘Kudos’ to those who wear masks

July 07, 2020

To the Editor:

On July 2 I needed to get groceries, however, I dreaded the thought of being exposed to COVID amidst the onslaught of tourists prior to the July 4 weekend. I was not surprised to see the parking lot at Trig’s packed in all directions.  I almost decided to leave because I feared being exposed to the virus but I braved it, put on my mask, and went in. I was so surprised that out of about 200-plus people in the store I only saw five without face masks. I paused as I scanned the aisles and saw employees and customers, locals and tourists, wearing face covering and observing social distancing. I want to thank those who care about their own safety and that of others. Some people say they don’t don a mask because they feel their rights are violated. Well, I feel I have a right to leave my home on rare occasion without a needless high risk of contracting the virus due to people who feel invincible. If there had been a loud speaker available to me, I would have said, “Thank you,” to all those sensible people. My shopping experience was not as scary as I anticipated so I send kudos to those July 2 shoppers.

Hannah Dana

Arbor Vitae



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