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Lakeland Times and censorship

May 22, 2020

To the Editor:

I thoroughly enjoy our local Lakeland Times newspaper, whether or not I agree or disagree with the information presented. Especially for the people that write the letters to the editor or commentary.

My dad, now in Illinois, teases me that none of my letters would ever be printed in an Illinois paper. Their letters to the editor, in Morris and Ottawa Illinois, seems to consist of newspaper staff writing letters to the editor (their boss). Once in a while a person from the public writes in and the letter only published if it follows the Illinois Democrat government guidelines. It must favor Democrats.

I am not sure who owns the newspapers there in Illinois, but obviously they are left leaning, financially controlled and censored by someone from the left.

Which makes me ask. “Who controls the Lakeland Times newspaper? And given our country’s media control and censorship, how can you be allowed to print both sides of a story or other information?”

Censorship in today’s world is unbelievable. I know of a more conservative website that if you do a search, you will find very little information/references. In fact, if you use ask.com, there are no references. I use other search engines and have found pages of articles and references. There is even a site that appears to translate the information to other languages. Don’t you think the public should be able to see everything that might improve their knowledge?

Censorship is kind of a Catch 22. How do you know information has been removed or censored if you cannot read for yourself all the information, even what is censored? Which leads people to blindly follow what the elite people in control want them to believe.

I encourage everyone to use other media sources other than the popular MSM chosen sites. Try other search engines or bing.com and see for yourself what information you might be missing. You could even write in the editor and voice your opinion. 

And be thankful our local Lakeland Times will let people be heard. Many places in the United States will not allow “the people” to be heard.

Rick Holman




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