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‘Let’s be counted’

June 16, 2020

To the Editor:

On June 10, U.S. District judge William Conley declined a request by Republican groups to dismiss a lawsuit brought by Democratic groups to make it easier for Wisconsinites to vote in the August primary and the November election. The Democratic lawsuit is scheduled for hearing on June 29 and contains some changes to make mail in voting easier and less restrictive.

People with limited access to transportation, working people, students, single parents, elderly, poor, people fearing the coronavirus — everyone could have their votes counted easily with mail in voting. The post office would be relevant, millions of dollars would be saved and people’s health would be protected. Fraud (for which there is little evidence) is preventable by signature verification and a paper trail.

Voter suppression is the issue. It is the only issue. Republicans do not want to make it easier for the above people to vote because typically those people don’t vote Republican. Obstructing with fear based, unproven fraud arguments, limiting the number of locations and hours open for polling places, pack and crack redistricting and lots of lawsuits presented to increasingly conservative leaning judges are the tools often used.

This is nothing new-Jim Crow laws after the Civil War, the 2013 gutting the Voting Rights Act of the hard fought civil rights period. and many other schemes to obstruct and suppress have historically been used, always with a “high-minded” argument. No Republican ever admits the true motives of voter suppression and continuing to hold onto power, money and control.

Iowa recently had the most successful primary turnout ever with mail in ballots having been sent out to all registered voters by the Secretary of State, Paul Pate. Immediately afterwards, their Republican Senate promptly advanced a 30-page bill to prevent him from doing that again for the presidential election in November. They do not want a successful turnout. It is not in their favor.

Let’s push our representatives for all mail in voting. Lets all be counted. Everyone, 

Thank you.

Judith Maloney

St. Germain



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