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‘Let’s Minocqua’

April 16, 2020

To the Editor:

I have lived in Arbor Vitae for over 20 years and been a property owner for over 40 years and I thoughly (sic) agree with the Town Board of Arbor Vitae. (referring to the Minocqua's new logo "Lets Minocqua") Feb. 25, 2020

  Although I do not own a business I think it was a slap in the face to the businesses in Arbor Vitae and Woodruff.

  For Minocqua Chamber to say they will revisit the idea in a year is ridiculous. They spent a lot of money to make this change and are not just going to revisit it in a year.

   In my opinion "Let's Minocqua" is a stupid logo and does not identify a community Chamber of Commerce. 

Diane Shay

Arbor Vitae



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