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Letter to the Editor: Concerns about Indian Mounds

August 09, 2019

To the Editor:

Indian Mounds is sacred, that it is. It is a beautiful, flat, sandy and shallow natural beach since the beginning of time, as noted by the Effigy Mound culture left behind by the Palio Indians, 650-1200CE. You can look this up on your computer, I think Nola Reed looked it up for me at the Woodruff DNR office in 1980, something you can get the whole history of these great people. I learned how to swim there. I noticed the last few summers that the department was not keeping up with cleaning up large pine falls and general cleaning, but had put in some new grills. This summer my family and?I went to have a swim and some lunch — no grills and no picnic tables, hmm. Huge rocks had been placed across the road to swim area, and it looks awful. There had once been two roads in, but DNR blocked that off years ago. I went to contact station on Clear Campground where I was informed that the DNR?was closing the beach area and ripping up all of the black top and was going to be all boat landing.

We could still swim there but would have to park in the boat launch area and again walk in since the other road in had been blocked off years earlier. OK, so skip ahead to July 4 weekend, cars parked in large truck trailer landing sites, boats and cars, trailers parked up on main road, it as about 90 degrees out and we walked and walked to get there. I took pictures of commotion and I?really felt sorry for the lady behind us walking with three little girls and her mother, inflatables and diaper bag. Last summer search and rescue was there in far parking lot having a practice class, can’t do that anymore. Duck ich can be controlled by DNR, with keeping the duck census down. Indian Mounds is the only public beach on Big Tom.

Kelly Kuehl

Lake Tomahawk



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