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Letter to the Minocqua Town Board

May 01, 2020

To the Editor:

Dear Minocqua Town Board,

Thank you all for keeping our roads as clear as you can and keeping up with the inevitable potholes. Thanks too for your conscientious help to keep our lakes clean and available for fishing and boating. Those are enormous tasks that benefit all of us. Though many of us are retired and our incomes are not dependent on the local economy, we are well aware of your rightful support for local businesses, which we all use. But what may be missing from your constituencies are health care advisors and expertise, which are an essential part of the governance of larger geographic regions. 

I note with concern that in listening to and serving local businesses you have neglected the vital information available to more regional governmental authorities. I think this after reading your letter to Governor Evers pleading to revoke stay at home orders. I recognize the plight of local businesses in the event that they miss almost all of their annual income that comes from May through September and that many face bankruptcy without the annual influx of tourists that multiples our markets 25 times.  

However, without the stay at home order, these prospective tourists would inevitably bring thousands of cases of COVID-19 to our area that would overwhelm us and our health care facilities. The evidence for this is clear in experiences from California to Georgia, in nursing homes, prisons, and meat packing houses, and in comparisons of States with and without stay at home orders. 

Don’t take it from me, but before advocating the revocation of stay at home, please consult established epidemiologists and other health care experts before recommending against the safety of our community. 

Thank you.

Jerry Woolpy




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