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Local police

June 12, 2020

To the Editor:

Recent events have placed a spotlight on law enforcement, with lots of criticism that does appear to be legitimate. I am left wondering if our local police are feeling badly about their public image. So I thought I would send this letter of support for our local officers.  

I spent many years of my career as a child protective services social worker. As provided by law we shared our child abuse referrals with law enforcement. Over the years I worked with the Vilas Co. Sheriff’s Dept., the Lac du Flambeau Police Dept. and once or twice with the Minocqua Police Dept. A number of times they would look at a referral and tell me, “You’re not going to that house alone,” because they knew the parties involved had histories of violence, so they would send an officer with me. The officers never interfered in my work with the clients and I was always thankful for their protection and support.  I am retired now. As I have watched the protests across the country, which I do support, I also started to think of the fine officers I worked with over the years here in our community. I sent this because I want them to know that they are supported in our community and I am sure many people would join me in saying “thank you” to our local police and sheriff's deputies. I know how difficult their jobs are because I experienced it for myself.  God bless you!

Laura Kuehn




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