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‘Make our democracy strong again’

July 14, 2020

To the Editor:

Does your November candidate, Republican or Democrat, pledge to support the non-partisan map drawing process after the 2020 Census? If Wisconsin’s current partisan process continues with incumbents feeding us “it is my constitutional duty” to draw these maps, political gridlock will continue along with back and forth yelling and very little will get done. Democracy gets weaker and weaker; people’s voices are heard less and less.

Legislators aren’t the ones drawing the maps anyway! It really takes place behind closed doors in high priced attorney offices using sophisticated software to study historical voting patterns to see which areas generally vote Democratic or which vote Republican. Then divide that city, township, even school district lines like LdF, so you have map lines no longer based on just counting noses so all districts have about the same number of voters.   High priced attorneys put “blue noses” over there in districts that generally vote Democratic and the “red noses” over here in this district.

Refuse to vote for someone who will not support a non-partisan procedure similar to Iowa’s, in use for over 30 years and saving millions in tax dollars. Don’t be fooled by the BS line that it is his or her constitutional duty.

Vote for someone who supports non-partisan line drawing. Make our democracy strong again. Have your voice heard instead of lost in the wilderness of a map drawn by high priced attorneys with your tax dollars.

Kay Hoff

Lac du Flambeau



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