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‘Make sure they know what you want’

January 24, 2020

To the Editor:

Why do you live up here in the Northwoods?

Years ago, when I moved up here to retire, my brother said to me, “Janie, people do not move up North to retire, they move down south.” So he came up here to visit and as we were driving down Lower Kaubashine Road he said, “Stop the car, stop the car,” so I stopped and he said, “Did you see it, did you see it?”

What? He said, “A deer, there was a deer.” I smiled and said, “Bill, they feed on my front lawn.”

But that was magic to him, and he looked around and saw the raw beauty of living up here.

And it was so quiet, he announced, as we sat outside in the afternoon.

So, there you have it, the visible wildlife, the beauty of the trees and lakes, and the quiet.

So, how can anyone in their right mind want to change all of that?

Well, the town board of Cassian wants to change all of that with gravel pits, 80 acres more. And they want to rezone County Forest Lands to do it. 

You can imagine the heartache of those land owners when the board members casually voted to do just that. And if the Oneida County board OKs it, your county forests lands are up for grabs.

You know what to do. The election for all county board members are in April. Make sure they know what you want.

A. Jane Schrameyer




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