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Maps after census

May 12, 2020

To the Editor:

Who said “I didn’t like it when the Democrats did it and I don’t like it when the Republicans do it’ Recognize former Governor Thompson’s frank style regarding Wisconsin’s current partisan process when drawing new legislative maps after each census?  

To Thompson’s dismay over 75% of our present legislators now have easy double digit victories rather than the single digit, hard fought wins of his past. He further lamented easy wins leading to no longer working across the aisle for the best legislation. 

Wisconsin must go to a non-partisan process similar to Iowa or we risk another 10 years of legislators holding extreme positions to please their base and party bosses rather than working for all Wisconsinites.

Former senators Republican Dale Schultz and Democrat Tim Cullen agree the partisan process damaged Wisconsin’s democracy to the point of hard earned tax dollars now paying for computer map models drawn behind closed doors in high priced attorney offices instead of  local town boards drawing new lines with open transparency and public involvement. 

No surprise that in the recent WJFW (April 27) newscast Representatives Rob Swearingen and Mary Felzkowski oppose a non-partisan method which will not allow use of voters’ records nor splitting cities and counties to shape a district to partisan party advantage. Are you pleased they see no problem with safe wins and marching to party boss demands rather than working across the aisle for the best Northwoods solutions?

Ask Swearingen and Felzkowski to join Representative Jeff Mursau and support Governor Ever’s Peoples’ Map Commission. Wisconsin, too, can develop a non-partisan process like Iowa that has saved millions of Iowan tax dollars and has legislators working together for the good of everyone.

Kay Hoff




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