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Min-Aqua Bats coverage

July 14, 2020

To the Editor:

I have been fortunate to be able enjoy our great area since the 1950s and one of the constants over that time has been the performances of the Min-Aqua Bats.

The importance and good feelings their performances bring are obvious to anyone who stops by for a show and sees the crowd’s enjoyment. These young kids work hard, sometimes in poor weather for no compensation because they like what they are doing.

Last year I wrote because there had been no regular coverage in The Lakeland Times of their shows, rather there were constant photos of other shows not in our community.

I write this year to compliment your frequent and great photos!  Well done!

The other ski clubs also do a great job and deserve some coverage, but the Bats are in our town and bring in many families.

Russ Fisher




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