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Northern Wisconsin road conditions

April 17, 2020

To the Editor:

Dear Representative Swearingen,

Thanks for your recent legislative report newsletter. As a representative from this area I’m sure you get back home occasionally and may have noticed the deterioration of the roads. This seems to have been a trend that crept up on us over time and needs to be reversed.

As a long time resident of Hazelhurst and the Lakeland area I’m aware of seasonal demands and changes to our roads. Potholes and frost heaves happen, but what I’ve seen this winter has been unprecedented. 

Unusual to my experience has been the sight of county crews working in the dead of winter to repair numerous and at times dangerous potholes. It seems counterintuitive to have to heat materials in the coldest months to make the patch work well, but it’s appreciated and made my swerving driving straighten out a bit.

I know the issue has been reported locally in The Lakeland Times and is certainly a matter of talk among locals and the time has come for action, on your part and with the support of your long suffering constituents.  

You noted in your report that the new budget has invested “record amounts in our schools and roads.” At the same time, in looking at the issues highlighted through narrative and graphs, I found no following mention of roads, at all.  So where’s the record reporting of something that affects us all.

You proudly report on how the tax burden is cut, the lowest in 50 years, and how our “hard earned dollars” by our “hard working middle class” is better spent by our decision making rather than government. I would disagree on this particular point. This is a case of “socialism” where we all come together for the common good and a place where individual initiatives would never work. We need a cure for the roads and tighter we’re better able to fund and support the cost.

You represent us and if you need our “hard earned dollars” to repair roads and infrastructure it seems a wise use of money. Let’s not let roads continue to deteriorate under an eight year history of Republican leadership only to whine about “tax spending Democrats” when they eventually take power and have to correct this situation.

Thanks for your support and hope to see some new spring projects soon.

Ken Schoville


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