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Open letter to Gov. Evers

May 15, 2020

To the Editor:

An open letter from a tourism advocate to Wisconsin Governor Evers:

I am happy to report being safely at home here in the Northwoods, looking forward to a quiet Memorial Day weekend (thanks to you) without all those tourists creating traffic jams, chaos on the lakes, crowded stores, amusement parks, bars and restaurants. Aah ... what a restful weekend it will be!

But wait … no visitors spending money here where lively hoods depend on prime summer months for year-round support? Do you really think these businesses are “non-essential” (to whom and why)?

You thank us for doing our part, but fail to credit that reality so we can open our businesses. You are treating us like a classroom of children.

Mr. Evers:

Are you governing like the teacher who needlessly punishes the entire class because some do not yet meet reopening guidelines?

Are you that teacher who ends up limiting opportunities, especially those engaged with tourism, because you feel the need for politically correctness, to treat everybody the same?

Does one size have to fit all?

Are you up to the challenge of acting responsibly, rationally and non-politically? 

We shall see.

Joseph M. Chopp

Eagle River



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