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‘Pathogens in a cloud’

June 09, 2020

To the Editor:

Like an invisible thief, the coronavirus robs victims around the world of their lives, livlihoods, and time with loved ones. The loss can hardly be believed.

Last year I listened to a disturbing recording of scientist Ken Caldeira commenting about a meeting he’d attended. The recording was included in the Global Alert News broadcast for July 27, 2019 on www.geoengineeringwatch.org. Mr. Caldeira stated:

“I used to work (at?) Lawrence Livermore National Lab and I once participated in a meeting where we all sat around the room and thought about how to manipulate geophysical systems to use it as a weapon ... Now, you could imagine, though, say, putting pathogens in a cloud. Let the cloud, uh, you know, go over somewhere, and then it would rain down on your enemy and create, you know, do chemical or germ warfare in this kind of way.”

Researcher Dane Wigington has since referenced Mr. Caldeira’s comment about putting pathogens in a cloud in some of his weekly Global Alert News broadcasts in order to bring this disturbing comment to our attention.

Spreading a pathogen by placing it in a cloud to rain down on people would sicken or kill innocent civilians. And, like the coronavirus, it might move rapidly around the world causing similar destruction or worse. We hope this terrible idea Mr. Caldeira talked about will never come to fruition.

Laura Kozicki




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