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Please care

April 24, 2020

To the Editor:

Here in the Northwoods it seems like people have been working very hard to try and keep the COVID-19 pandemic in check.

Responsible parents don’t shop with their children, people are wearing face masks, when shopping keeping distance from each other, etc. Great job working together.

The problem is I have seen several cars at grocery stores with Illinois license plates! Why are they here? We have a Safer at Home order until May 26. The people I have seen — not wearing face masks. Can we write down the license plate, even take a photo with your phone, get it to the police and send a $500 fine payable to fund any outbreak we could have.

I understand the tourist is very important and we want them to visit here, but not now. I also realize many small business owners want to open up yesterday, but is it not better to stay closed now as we have very little COVID-19 activity. A big part of our population is elderly, so we are a fragile area, then whenever you are able to open up your business, when safe you will hopefully think it was worth it as old friends are able to shop. 

Does anyone have other ideas? 

Please do everything to keep our space and yourself safe.

Virginia Hindman




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