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‘Protect what we have’

April 17, 2020

To the Editor:

I have a confession to make. I was at the Schoepke Town Board meeting on March 10. And when I asked a question about whether the DNR had been notified of this mining exploration by Badger Mining Company at the Wolf River area, I was shouted down by one of the town’s people, who said “we don’t need you people from Hazelhurst to tell us what to do.” That threw me because no one else at the meeting stuck up for me.

I should have been stronger and said that what happens here in this town, will affect me in Hazelhurst and Oneida County and all of the Northwoods.

Now I know how Peter felt as he went and hid during Jesus’ crucifixion. Because this action in Schoepke will crucify us and the land we love up here in the Northwoods. It’s been proven by the U.S. Corps of Engineers that mining will pollute our lakes and rivers. And if you let one mine in, there will be thousands and the Northwoods we know will be no more.

The Oneida County Board has the power to stop this exploration. And if they do not, then after the Badger company finds enough quality ore, they will have the reason to go to court and defend “their right.” The courts today, before the election, will be sympathetic to the “poor little company who just wants to make a living up here.”

We must encourage the Oneida County board members that this little company could ruin us. And think of the cost of a court battle would cost the Oneida county taxpayer. 

So don’t do what I did. Speak up. Be brave. Protect what we have. Your grandkids will love you for it.

A. Jane Schrameyer




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