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Rarity in law enforcement

April 21, 2020

To the Editor:

It was during the summer and I was working the night shift when a gentleman came into the office and simply stated that he had been involved in a car accident where he had struck a tree, disabled his vehicle, and he had to much to drink. He had some facial wounds that didn’t require hospitalization.  I knew him to be a hard working blue collar worker. He simply and willingly dumped all the evidence in my lap. No lies, deception, half truths but just the truth. He had walked to the station from the scene of the accident. This was a rarity and I recognized it as old school. He suffered from human error but his individual character stood tall. I applied the law with leniency. My memory is of respect and admiration for the character of this individual. He spelled HONESTY in capital letters but stood tall when faced with adversity. He now wears a label to be proud of. His name is listed on the top page in my book.

Craig Strid




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