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Reader responds to Conason column

September 20, 2019

To the Editor:

Mr. Conason, if you believe most Americans would be turned off by Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s video showing “a noble police officer arming for battle against a crowd of screaming, flag-burning protesters,” think again.  

American flag-burning protesters are about as popular today as they were in the 60s (I know, I was there). And Giuliani is admired today just as much as when he “earned respect for his calm, inspiring and unifying leadership of a wounded New York City (9/11).” Not to mention what he accomplished in turning the crime-ridden city around — taking on not only petty criminals, but organized crime.

No amount of muckraking will convince me he is not an American patriot who seeks the best for our country.

As far as the former mayor “unmasking himself,” why not?  Thank God we have a public official willing to stand up for his beliefs and advocate for the kind of America our forefathers envisioned. And finally, yes, he does remind us of what we must defeat if we hope to preserve this republic.

Doris Pride




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