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Reader responds to ‘Did God run out of locusts’ letter

April 21, 2020

To the Editor:

I have read Mr. Holman’s article, and largely agree with him. However, as a fellow Christian, I feel a few points need to be addressed.

Whenever a large plague, flood or other catastrophe hits, the media and certain preachers are quick to blame God. This is nothing new. What most people do not understand is that we today live under the New Covenant, not the Old Covenant. In his article the Bible verses of Exodus 10, 4-19 and 1 Kings, 8-40 are Old Testament verses, which need to be used in context. Exodus 10-4 is an Old Testament truth speaking specifically about Moses and Aaron telling Pharaoh that the locusts would invade his coast if he did not let the Jews go free from Egypt. This scripture has no correlation to the disasters today. God is no longer taking vengeance on people because 2,000 years ago our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ took all the judgement everyone deserves upon himself. We live under a new and better Covenant because of Jesus.

Mr. Holman asked, “What people are not following God’s 10 commandments.” The answer is no one is or have ever followed the commandments fully. (There are many more than 10, just Deuteronomy.” It is impossible for man to follow the commandments. God knew this and that is why he sent His Son.  We live free from God’s wrath for our sins because Jesus took them upon Himself.

So, if God is not responsible for the Corona Virus 19, who is? Why Satan, of course. Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus came to give live in abundance, John 10, 10.

So God is not attacking China, Israel, Africa, Italy or the Pope. It is the people who reject Christ, who leave themselves wide open to Satan’s works.

Your pastor is correct. We do have a good God! I think Mr. Holman’s question at the end of his article in regards to getting people to think about “What to believe in?” is pertinent for today. Maybe a better question is, who do you believe in? Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved! It does not get any better than that!

Mark Albertus

Boulder Junction



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