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Reader responds to ‘Thanks for your inaction’ letter

August 27, 2019

To the Editor:

I would like to respond to Mike Eklund’s letter published on Aug. 13.

To suggest that the President and Mitch Connell had a part in the latest shootings in Texas and Ohio is the most absurd and asinine statement I’ve ever read. No one condones senseless killings of any kind and anyone with common sense knows that all the gun laws in this country will never prevent the wrong people from obtaining weapons. I’ve never seen or heard of a gun leaving a house by itself, driving to a shopping center, church, fair or concert, then unlocking its own trigger and then, all by itself, randomly shoot people.

When is Mr. Eklund going to congratulate Nancy Pelosi and fellow democrats for the killing of unborn babies? Perhaps mighty Mike hasn’t yet recovered from the last presidential election, a trait exhibited by most democrats, or maybe, just maybe, he is the elitist!

Dana Lynn Kellerman

Manitowish Waters




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