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Recycling isn’t working

January 03, 2020

To the Editor:

I was surprised to read the truth to say the least. It seemed like a good idea so why isn’t it working. Apparently we jumped the gun without evaluating its efficiency, successful applications and economy.  

Recycling of plastic and finding ways to make it useful is at a dead end. We were shipping tons of recyclable plastic to China but now they have quit taking it. So now we have been shipping it to smaller countries with less satisfaction. The cost and overhead for building garbage trucks, buying fuel, salaries, special garbage containers and transporting costs are getting more costly.

To recycle paper special plants have to be built which adds pollution and the question is asked, “Is it worth it.” 

Some cities have now reverted back to incinerators while others have returned to landfills. The idea that there’s not enough land for landfills has been disproven.

It’s time to put our minds back on the starting line. It’s like taking a placebo. A lot of wishful thinking of positive results when consuming but in the end nothing effects the reason for taking it. For more pertinent information search recycling isn’t working to find more facts and research. 

Food for thought. 

Craig Strid





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