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February 28, 2020

To the Editor:

RINOs or Republicans in name only. DINOs or Democrats by name only. Both the RINOs and DINOs make political parties questionable. But what are they exactly?

RINOs are mostly Democrats running as or considered as Republicans. An example, I read an interview of someone in a local area, a Democrat was convinced to list as a Republican, because there had not been a Democrat elected in their area for many years. I do not recall what happened in that election. Nationally, Mitt Romney is a Democrat as a Republican. The Conservative Review lists/ranks 25 RINOs, and counting Mitt Romney 26. Of this list are 20 senators and in the House of Representatives there are six. An interesting mixture.

DINOs it is a little different. The Senate has one senator listed as a conservative Democrat. In the House only one is considered to be a Republican, and three are listed as moderate Democrats. In actual truth there are no Republicans considered as Democrats. A few are more centered than on the far left.

Before you say, ”What is the problem?” Consider these definitions or considerations. Social Liberals and Progressives make up the majority of the Democrat voter base.

Progressive, one believing in moderate change and social improvement by government action or control.

Socialist, no private ownership, control by the government, concentration of wealth and power by reinforcing dominance in society. 

Liberal, government needed to protect individuals. But, can allow the government to pose a threat to liberty. Power of government to correct/control distribution. 

Communist, a more advanced form of Socialism. Differences are debatable. Basically, all of them want the government to control our lives. 

Now consider, there is a Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) and a group, Democratic Socialist of America (DSA). Socialist and communists are basically the same. Many members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus are also members of the Democratic Socialist of America. And vice-versa. Both seem to be working together for the same goals. With little difference between them, let’s call them communists for a lack of a better uniting term.

If we were to look at this, united “communists” group there are only three senators that fall in this group. In the House of Representatives there are 103 considered communists. All of the people considered as communists are Democrats. The break-down for the House would currently be as follows: 197 Republicans, one Independent, five vacancies, and 232 democrats. There are 435 House seats.

But of the 232 democrats, 129 are more true Democrats and 103 can be considered communists or DINOs, Democrats in Name Only. Of those 103 people 35 of them are new and on their first term in office.

At this time Democrats have a philosophy of modern liberalism, advocates social and economic equality, along with the welfare state and government control. 

At this point I will say if you are trying to talk fancy and you are talking shovels, you can call a spade a spade, but it is still a shovel. If you are talking communists you can call them Democrats, progressives, socialists, or liberals, they are still communists.

Democrat, progressive, socialist, liberal or communist all with debatable differences but more or less, it is still communism.

This information can be found in the Conservative Review, Congressional Progressive Caucus, Democratic Socialists of America.

Rick Holman




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