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Roads and money

April 21, 2020

To the Editor:

Are the snowmobile clubs responsible for repairing the deep grooves on state, county and town roads? They get thousands of dollars from the state for trail maintenance. I would think that these trail crossings on the roads are part of their trails. Why should our tax money go for these repairs when many of us do not snowmobile? They wreck it they should fix it. Now the money part, at a recent local town meeting, a snowmobile club sent a letter asking for a large sum of money because they lost money when a radar run was cancelled. They did not even bother to send a representative of the club to explain why they needed the money. Of course the person pushing for it was a former club director and makes a lot of money off of the snowmobile business, that wouldn’t have anything to do with it. Right? A local ladies group had to cancel a spring fundraiser and a local fire department had to reschedule their fundraiser. If you lost money on those fundraisers, just send a letter to the town requesting a donation. You do not even have to send a representative to explain it.

Phil Monday

St. Germain



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