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School referendum

February 07, 2020

To the Editor:
This is a second letter I am writing, I asked the editor not to print the first one as I had some incorrect information in the first letter about the STAR School and its involvement with this referendum. I now realize STAR School would receive no referendum money to operate, the STAR School is funded independent.
Also I understood some STAR students were in the STAR School from the high school because they were not willing or eager to exert oneself, slow or lazy. This also is not true. Every student at the STAR School is appropriate and learning in a safe environment.
Now to my referendum reviews.
What is worthy for a school board to request a $3.45 million referendum for operational needs? What a nice raise. The district gets $1.83 now. Something does not add up.
1. School report cards from the state, scores dropped in all five schools in the Lakeland Area.
2. The referendum will help the district in areas of 
A. instruction
B. facility maintenance
C. support, develop and enhance many levels of educational support.
A. Instruction — teachers you have plenty of good teachers.
B. Facility maintenance — more custodians? New bleachers? Concession stand?
C. Support/develop/enhance level of educational support — what does that mean?
More time is spent on keeping alcohol, cig, vaping products and drugs out of school than actual teaching.
Parents must step up and retake control over their kids, it’s not the teacher’s job.
Young people are leaving the area, school class size is dropping, enrollment is down. Why should the school board request more? Patch up the holes bleeding money and operate the school as a school.
You have enough good teachers use them wisely.
You know, I know students have graduated from LUHS?and they are unable to read or write like a senior should. They cannot write out a check, balance a checkbook, budget. But they graduated.
You have a large budget. Stop the foolish ideas and spending — teach the students so everyone learns.
More money is not the answer, it is an excuse.
Vote no on this school referendum.

Virginia Hindman



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