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May 15, 2020

To the Editor:

In The Lakeland Times, the April 17, 2020 edition, I was reading the article, “Minocqua Town Board briefly discusses COVID-19 situation.” Photo shows six town board members were shown, four men and two women.

Seems like the open session (public allowed?) ended and they had a closed session lasting a couple of hours. I am assuming the reporter for The Lakeland Times stayed for the closed session or how else would he get the details.

The rest of my concern is what John Thompson stated. OK, he is unhappy about the Safer at Home direction, but what he said is not acceptable. Referring to COVID-19 — quote: “They should just open the doors back up. Another month, there is no way that we can take that, Evers couldn’t come up with his own thoughts — he can’t even read. If you have watched any of his press conferences, Jesus Christ. Businesses up here, I don’t care what happens in Madison or Milwaukee. As far as I’m concerned they made their bed they can sleep in it. But we’re totally different.” End quote.

Thompson goes on to say Minocqua cannot handle any more. 

Why would Hartzheim (or any other board member) not call his language, attitude at the door, no one wants this shut down. To sit there and blame the governor is wrong. No one knows how or what is right or wrong. You being elected board member is sad. You should be following the rules, not acting like a spoiled brat. Shame on you and all the others in that meeting for not calling you out of order. Sick. Grow up.

I do know we have several people here in their “summer homes,” most from Illinois, and Illinois is the fifth on the list of states with high cases of COVID-19, but I guess that’s OK. The almighty money.

An outbreak here in the Northwoods would close everything and many may not return, but that’s why we all should be careful — and stay at home until things change.

Virginia Hindman




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