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‘Somewhat of a surprise’

July 17, 2020

To the Editor:

Given the ideological slant of The Times, the recent editorial support for Donald Trump’s tweet stipulating “SCHOOLS MUST OPEN IN THE FALL” comes as no shock, but certainly as somewhat of a surprise.

First, it highlights the absurdity of government policy pronouncements via “tweets.” What has this country come to? But beyond that, it raises the question of timing. With at least a month and a half of the summer remaining, why not simply wait a while and see how the pandemic is going at the time. I have no quibbles with the argument that in-classroom learning is almost always better than remote attempts and yes, I hope schools can re-open, but again, I believe it is derelict to make the decision this early. 

The history of major pandemics supports the finding that in almost all cases, it is the second wave that is the most serious and most deadly. Given that the day the editorial appeared, for the second day in a row Wisconsin set a record for new cases (845 vs. 754) followed by the next day’s July 11 record of 926, I simply ask, “What’s the rush?” Trump has been extremely derelict in leadership during the entire pandemic, so why take him so seriously at this particular time?

I look forward to a Times editorial supporting Trump’s commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence. Take care!

Jerry Buerer




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