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Support broadband in Boulder Junction

November 08, 2019

To the Editor:

This letter is to encourage Boulder Junction folks to attend the special town meeting of electors at 6 p.m. on Nov. 14 and to vote in support of a plan for broadband. To gain information, please go to www.townofboulderjunction.org, look under departments; Economic Development — to view an information meeting on broadband expansion. It is eye-opening.

If you are like me (over the age of 50), when I first heard people say that we need broadband to thrive as a community, I wasn’t convinced. I was not against the idea, but I didn’t really understand its impact. I only considered my world of emails, Facebook, creating documents and doing internet searches — all of which functioned adequately for me.  

Then I attended one of the informational meetings. I learned about what broadband is and isn’t, the big picture view and especially of the trends for the future. And then realized I couldn’t have been more wrong. Now I firmly believe that Boulder Junction’s future depends on high speed internet — aka broadband. We can pay for it now, or we can pay for it later. A generous sized pot of (state) grant money is available for 2020; and it may be gone later. The grant application deadline is Dec. 19.

Broadband is to progress today what electricity was to progress in the 1930s. Nearly a hundred years ago, towns that were proactive in obtaining electricity thrived; those that didn’t, struggled and worse.  

We are living in similar times with skyrocketing technological advances. Think about it.

Broadband is the key to our future. Our other numerous economy boosting projects in the works — including affordable housing, business development packages, group marketing and more — have a much greater chance of succeeding if we improve our high speed internet through broadband expansion.  

Four good reasons why broadband expansion is crucial ...

• our local school administrator reported the need for broadband to adequately educate our children and to attract young families 

• a local health care administrator shares the need for broadband to provide the best health care 

• younger families report the need for broadband in order to attract more young families who telecommute (a fancy word for works from home via computer). This is the new norm.

• tourism — accommodations owners report that guests and tourists need broadband in order to be able to stay longer. (Their guests need to touch base with their jobs while on vacation — this is now the world we live in. They cannot depend on connectivity because of our lack of high speed internet.) So instead of staying and spending more (more time and more money), they have to pack up and leave early.

Please plan to attend the special town meeting of electors at 6 p.m. on Nov. 14. A thriving economy equals a high quality of life — for all of us. Boulder Junction deserves as much.

Barb Boston

Boulder Junction




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