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Support for Justice Kelly

April 16, 2020

To the Editor:

What is the job of a Wisconsin Supreme Court justice? 

Quite simply, a Supreme Court justice should apply the state constitution to the case in front of them and rule without bias based on race, gender or economic status. 

April 7 you have the opportunity to re-elect Justice Daniel Kelly to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Justice Kelly is exactly what a Supreme Court justice should be. He has recused himself in cases where there is any appearance of conflict of interest, he is fair, and he applies the law as written. His opponent is a self-described “social justice warrior” who in one breath says she will rule on the law but immediately says she will side with people based on gender or economic status. While this may be noble, it definitely is not the role of a Supreme Court justice. Social justice warriors should run for partisan political office or become community organizers - they certainly shouldn’t be elected to the Supreme Court.

Justice Daniel Kelly has done a stellar job as a Supreme Court justice and I ask you to help maintain independence in the court by re-electing him on April 7.

Rich Strohm




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