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Support for Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar

October 22, 2019

To the Editor:

Amid the ridiculously large field of candidates for the Democratic nomination for president (most of whom have no earthly business running for that office), one person stands out: Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar.

So far in the debates and the news coverage, most of the attention has gone to four so-called front-runners: the ultra-left-wing Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, the retread Joe Biden, and Pete Buttigieg, who seems to believe that having served as mayor of a small Indiana city qualifies him to lead the richest and most powerful country in the world.

The reality is that Amy Klobuchar is the best-qualified candidate in the field and, with her no-nonsense moderate approach, has the best chance of defeating the current occupant of the White House.

Klobuchar served for eight years as Hennepin County Attorney, the largest prosecutor’s office in Minnesota, covering the Twin Cities. She has been a U.S. Senator since 2006 and is now in her third term. She is eminently electable, having won every single race in which she has run. She has passed more than 100 bills into law and has been named the most effective Democratic Senator.

What I like best about Klobuchar is that she doesn’t pander to the most extreme elements of the Democratic Party. She openly opposes idiotic multi-trillion-dollar schemes like having the government pay off all college debt, stripping people of private health insurance that they like in favor of Medicare for All, and giving each adult a guaranteed income of $1,000 per month without regard to need — ideas that have zero chance of being enacted into law, and that have an excellent chance of giving people an excuse to vote again for Donald Trump.

Instead, Klobuchar promotes well considered approaches to critical problems like healthcare, immigration, restoration of our infrastructure, and climate change. During the debates, she has given simple, clear, direct answers to questions and has shown a genuine passion for serving this country and restoring its honor and credibility at home and abroad. 

Klobuchar clearly has the experience, intelligence and temperament to be an excellent Chief Executive. It is time to look beyond the self-fulfilling prophecies that are the opinion polls and discover, hidden in plain sight, the candidate best suited to be the nominee of the Democratic party. That candidate is Amy Klobuchar.

Ted J. Rulseh




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