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Support for Zunker

April 28, 2020

To the Editor:

When voting for a new representative to Congress in Wisconsin’s 7th district, who will actually represent us? 

Not someone who tended to the interests of a mining company instead of us.

Not someone who nullified decades of thoughtful, difficult work by county boards to develop zoning ordinances that balanced water quality with the concerns of property owners. Not someone who sponsored a state law that overrode local control, requiring all 72 counties to have identical shoreland zoning. After that law was passed, the county boards for both Oneida (1129 lakes) and Vilas (1318 lakes), invited this state senator to their next meeting to chew him out.

Not someone who, even in a deadly worldwide pandemic, refused to consider our safety but insisted on in-person voting on April 7. 

Who was he representing? Not us. 

I will be voting for the candidate who will actually represent the people of the 7th Congressional district, Tricia Zunker.

Catherine Parker

Lake Tomahawk



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